Cooking Classes for the Home Chef

Cooking is an art, an art that has run in my family for generations. Many years ago, my mother and I baked desserts in our home kitchen to sell to neighborhood restaurants. The demand for our baked goods grew. 

Eventually we moved to a Manhattan bakery and opened My Most Favorite Food, the renowned restaurant and bakery. Since I was a child, I have always loved to teach the art of cooking. At My Most Favorite Food, I managed, baked, and created menus for over a decade. For several years I was pastry chef and manager of the Rose Café in Venice Beach, Calif. After completing my Master Culinary degree, I interned at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  

Over the years, I fine-tuned my culinary skills earning a Master Culinary Degree at the French Culinary Institute (ICC), and completing the Techniques of Fine Cooking at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), and completing a 100-hour Food Therapy Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute, which focused on teaching and cooking for people with chronic illnesses. Between management and chef positions, I developed my teaching skills by earning a Masters Degree in Education. 

I founded CuisineArts to marry my passion for cooking with my love of teaching. Join me in the kitchen and allow me to share my fabulous recipes and professional techniques with you. In my cooking classes, we will create delicious dishes that you will be able to recreate on your own. 

Renée Cohen
Instructor and Chef