Cooking Classes for the Home Chef

New: Eating in Seattle-Cook What's Trending in the Pacific Northwest!

Just back from my most recent trip to Seattle, Washington; and wow, the culinary scene there is exploding with a variety of amazing dishes; clean eating and farm-to-table amazing meals.  I'm super excited to share all my new recipes.  Get psyched as we cook our way through what's trending in this exciting new cooking class! 


We'll be preparing: Whale Wins Salad of Lettuces, Herbs, Pistachio & Parmigiano; Barking Frog’s Down Home Acre’s Tomatoes, Burrata, Purple Basil, Shishito Peppers & Sorel Pesto; SB’s Roastery Reserve’s Focaccia Bites; Eve Freemont’s “Not Noodles” with Fall Squash, Shaved Carrots, Cherry-Ginger Vinaigrette, Roasted Peanuts, Thai Basil & Mint; Sitka & Spruce’s Potato Gnocchi with Squash, Cherry Tomato & Assorted Basil; Scout’s Avocado Toast with Thaini Lemon, Chickpeas, Pickled Onion, Sumac & Aleppo Oil (we’ll add an egg to make it just perfect), Sitka & Spruce’s Coho Salmon with Fregola, Squash, Cubanelle Peppers & Olives; Bateau’s Manila Clams, Piperade & Grilled Bread; Ballard Farmer’s Market Vegetable Quesadillas; and Hot Cake’s Mini Chocolate Molten Cakes. You’ll also be getting great info about areas to explore, restaurants, and more!


October 25th 10:30-1:30pm