Cooking Classes for the Home Chef


New: Farmer’s Market to Farm- Table Cooking

Stone & Thistle Farm Sunny Golds, Strawberries, Delicate Greens, Herbs, Grilled Halloumi & Honey- Lime Vinaigrette; Orchards of Concklin Heirloom Corn with Tomatillo Relish; Grilled Mushroom BLT with Sun Sprout Farm’s Sprouts; Quinoa Tabbouleh with Coach Farm’s Crumbled Goat, Grilled Nectarines, Heirloom Tomatoes, Watermelon Radish and Apple State’s Honey Vinaigrette; Kiernan Farm’s Ribs Grilled with Homemade Rub and Saucy Que Sauce; Lani Farm’s New Potatoes Smashed with Jalapeño Gremolata; Grilled Clams with Habanero Herb Butter and Wave Hill Torn Ciabatta; Kieman Farm’s Butterflied Chicken with Charred Citrus Marinade; and Individual Summer Peach, Black & Blueberry Crostatas.

(Class fee $125)

August 14th 10:30-1:30pm

Can't make the class, contact us to book a private at info@cuisineartsllc.com or at 914-924-2834.

Cancellation Policy: To receive a refund you must cancel 7 days prior to class.