Cooking Classes for the Home Chef


It’s going to be cold outside, so let’s get cooking with yummy comfort food dishes! Learn about Instant Pot cooking, quick soup shortcuts, and a lot of other great winter cooking tips in this all new Winter Fare 2019 cooking class.  We'll be preparing: Mexican Wedding Soup; Minestrone with Kale Soup; Clam & Fregola Soup; Homemade TV Dinners - Your “Tray” will include Meatloaf with Wild Mushrooms, Mashers & Gravy; Root Beer Braised Short Ribs in an Instant Pot; Three NY Sister’s Chili with Comfort Food Biscuits; Chicken Pot Pies in Mason Jars; Fondue Two Ways: One Way With Cheese and One Way With Chocolate!

(Class fee: $125) 

January 24th 10:30am-1:30pm

February 4th  10:30am-1:30pm


Cancellation Policy: To receive a refund you must cancel 7 days prior to class.